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Glamsquad Magazine Apr 2023

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Race & Beauty: The New World Order


Inside Glamsquad Magazine April 2023 Naomi Campbell Angelina Jolie BEAUTY 74 Deepika Padukone Top Beauty Hacks to Help You Get Glowing, Healthy Skin 84 FOOD 10+1 Fruits for Glowing, Youthful, Flawless & Envy- Worthy Skin 14 RACE & BEAUTY The New World Order glamsquadtv glamsquad3 glamsquadTV glamsquadmag 2

Editor-In-chief / Publisher Remi Diagbare Editor Amenna Dayo Deputy editor Chioma Esui Stand-By/Ad-Hoc Praise David Grace Effiong Oyindamola Staff Writers Sasha Bokamoso Contributors Dr. Nkechi Omoson Chef Amaka Obiefuna Kabirat Opoola graphics / Web Manager Layi Success MARKETING Director Tega Diagbare Imioms Dan Anyiam 24 Most Beautiful Faces in the World 2023 T he phrase “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…” is powerful because it gives us vital information about ourselves. To me, this means that we all have ‘beauty’ in our eyes. So, it is not truly about what we see, but rather, the image we choose to cast beauty upon! Your eyes will cast beauty on this edition because we were deliberate in our approach to creating a beauty and fashion edition. Our editors scouted the globe to curate the best content that cuts across three continents – talk about being intentionally international, and then this edition leads the pack. Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie, and Deepika Padukone represent three races and are icons and role models in their rights. We channeled their beauty from within in the creation of this special edition, and trust me when I say it is an edition that would rival even the biggest magazine brands across the continent. Another dominant theme in this edition is child marriage A . 8 and pedophilia. In strong terms, we condemn these actions – firstly, as a direct opposite of everything that is beautiful, and an abuse of our core existence as humans. Believe me when I say this edition rocks! Beauty, style, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle are encapsulated in these pages. Please let us know your thoughts by sending us a line or two about what you love most about this edition. We will be waiting to hear from you. Love, Ameena Dayo Editor, G.S Head Office: Suite B2, 388. HFP Shopping Complex, Abraham Adesanya Junction, Lekki-Epe Way, Lagos, Nigeria 4 For advert enquiries, please contact the marketing Director Tel: +09150764272, +44 7424 594773 or email, [email protected], [email protected] We pay for exclusive celebrity stories. FASHION Rules for Matching Your Makeup to Your Outfit Disclaimer: Please note that all photos used in this special digital edition of Glamsquad Magazine were sourced freely online. Glamsquad maintains no rights over the images/ photos, while we have tried to give appropriate credit where due, we are aware some artistes were not credited. We remain committed to supporting intellectual property and creativity. © 2023 Tegali Communications 3

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Skin Fun Movies Music Entertainment Food Fashion Makeup Beauty Naomi Deepika Vitamin Praise Campbell Jolie Reportage Sasha Matching Padukone Glamsquad

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