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Glamsquad Magazine Apr 2023

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Race & Beauty: The New World Order

REPORTAGE athletic

REPORTAGE athletic character. (often said to be a cross between James Bond and Indiana Jones. Filming ‘Lara Croft’ in Cambodia, caused Jolie to become more interested in humanitarian activities. She became an active participant in her role as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). She has travelled extensively to areas such as Darfur, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. In 2012, she was appointed Special Envoy to High Commissioner Antonia Guterres. Jolie says she puts a third of her salary into savings, a third for living expenses and gives the final third to charity. Speaking of her experience in visiting Afghanistan, she remarks: “Behind the labels — refugees, internally displaced persons, asylum seekers — are people with the same 24

REPORTAGE hopes, fears, sorrow and happiness as anyone. Their life experiences are often deeply tragic but also uplifting. To survive what many Afghan families have experienced over three decades is testimony to the resilience of the human spirit. This shines through in their generosity, humour, and quiet determination to offer their children a better future.” Angelina_JolieJolie has become an advocate for children’s education and protecting the interests of child immigrants and other vulnerable children. She has also worked with the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict and has helped to establish education policies. In January 2011, she established the Jolie Legal Fellowship a network of lawyers who are sponsored to advocate for human rights in developing countries. After she had devoted more time to humanitarian work, her public profile changed from an image of a ‘wild child’ to a more positive image. In 2004, Jolie began filming Mr & Mrs Smith (2005) with Brad Pitt. The film was noted for its on-screen chemistry between Jolie and Pitt (who was at the time married to Jennifer Aniston) Pitt later divorced Aniston and in 2014 the couple married. However, in 2016, the couple separated. Jolie has become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Her films are regularly commercial and critical successes. With Jolie’s performances often being the stand out performance. 25

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