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Glamsquad Magazine Apr 2023

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Race & Beauty: The New World Order


FEATURE Model To Celebrate 30

– Carmen Dell’Orefice FEATURE Meet the World’s Oldest Working Supermodel Sasha Bokomoso We must say age is just a number for Carmen Dell’Orefice! This silver-haired beauty is the world’s oldest supermodel. At the moment, she is 91 years old. And even at that age she is still gracing A-list magazine covers. In October last year, she graced the cover of New You magazine. Like always, Carmen looked stunning as ever on the cover of the magazine. She shared the cover of the magazine with another boundary-breaking stunner Beverly Johnson who became Vogue’s first black model in the year 1974. In one of the most breath-taking photos for the edition, Dell’Orefice who has been modeling for decades posed nude for the photoshoot. The stunner was quite comfortable while posing for the shoot and she said, “Just like working with acclaimed photographer Fadil [Berisha], it’s their perception of what they see in you or me.” Carmen went on to say, “We are there, a synergy starts to happen, and they bring it out. It’s where their mindset is. The photographer’s mindset is high, not in the gutter. It’s all projection. We’re all silent actresses, and that’s what it’s about.” Carmen Dell’Orefice is a supermodel and actress by profession. She was born on June 3, 1932, in New York City. Her parents were of Italian and Hungarian descent. Right from the start, her mom and dad shared a rocky relationship. Like any other relationship, their relationship went through its fair share of ups and downs. As a result of her parents’ unstable relationship, Carmen had to live in foster homes or with her relatives during the clashes of her parents. Did you know that Carmen started modeling at the young age of 13? Back in the day, while going to her ballet class by bus, photographer Herman Landschoff’s wife asked her to model. At that time, she was only 13 years old. In 1946, Dell’Orefice bagged her first big contract in her kitty. At 15, she signed a contract with Vogue magazine. She shot her first cover for the popular magazine in the same year. She was one of the youngest stars to appear in the iconic fashion magazine. 31

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