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Glamsquad Magazine Apr 2023

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Race & Beauty: The New World Order


FASHION ESCAPE Fashion Police: Best & Worst Oscars 2023 Looks Amenna Daayo, Sasha Bokamoso & Praise David Our fashion editors at Glamsquad Magazine were optimistic about the current state of awards show style following the just concluded Oscars. In our opinion, it was a beautiful carpet. We are all in agreement that the women looked glamorous and beautiful. As we expected, it was a gown affair, but the celebrities were not scared of experimenting. There were beautiful hairstyles, and the big jewels were back out. It was exactly how we pictured it to be! It felt like the first really real one since COVID. Due to popular demand, we will be featuring a “Fashion Police” session on every edition of Glamsquad Magazine going forward, and what better way to kick off than scrutinizing the outfits and styles on display at the just concluded Oscars? Get in! Sasha Praise Amenna: Michelle Williams I am not too impressed with this outfit. The white caped gown looked far better inside the venue than on the champagne-colored carpet. This dress was designed by Chanel Haute Couture. Not totally bad, but I feel it doesn’t speak ‘Red Carpet’ in any way. For God’s sake, this is a Red Carpet at the Oscars – everyone is going to be talking about your look for one year. This dress looked better in the theatre, but if you did not score your points on the red carpet, then it is a big disadvantage. I think the choice of colour worked against Williams here, and I think Chanel is to be blamed for that. VERDICT 4 out of 10 50

FASHION Salma Hayek Sasha Praise Amenna: Salma is one of my favourite actresses, and her role in ‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ made me love her even more. Seeing Salma Hayek in this curveframing orange sequined Gucci gown won my heart. Oh, Gucci! Well done on this one – the perfect dress for Salma’s figure, I must confess. It enhances her shape and curves. I don’t care what anyone says. I love Salma Hayek, because she is simply just Salma Hayek. I didn’t see any negatives in this outfit or the carriage Salma gave to it! I love the colour, and I love the design. I think red looks best on Salma. I am still yet to ascertain if Salma has gone under the knife because her figure is intimidating. VERDICT 8 out of 10 51

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