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Glamsquad Magazine Apr 2023

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Race & Beauty: The New World Order

FASHION Don’t be too

FASHION Don’t be too matchy-matchy X It’s very easy to get carried away when it comes to pulling your makeup and outfit together, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to not go overboard. Don’t be too literal when it comes to matching everything – you want to marry certain colors together and look polished, and that’s fine, but you don’t want to choose two colors and deck yourself out head-totoe, trust us! As mentioned earlier, focusing on matching your accessories to your makeup is a great way to avoid being too overdone. Also, take a bit of time before planning your makeup and outfit, and decide which feature you want to play up. Maybe you love to experiment with eye shadow and have big, expressive eyes to work with – if this is the case, make them bold and keep your outfit more muted (think darker, less brash colors). If you swear by animal prints, opt for a leopard-print blouse and match your lipstick to another part of your outfit, such as a belt or your earrings. This way, you’ll be using complementary accents instead of being overly matchy. It’s a much better approach! Rule 3: 6

FASHION Know your stuff No one is born knowing how to coordinate shades and colors, and even the best of us have had instances where our choices just don’t work. It’s a learning process! However, in order to really master the trend of matching your makeup to your outfit, you’ll need to keep some key items in mind – to give you a hand, we’ve put together a little guide below that focuses on specific elements and how to work with them: Lipstick and Eye Shadow: In the makeup world, lipstick will always be a showstopper. Regardless of the shade, lipstick makes a statement, and it’s important to remember this when planning any outfit that you want your makeup to complement. If you’re wearing bold colors, you can safely choose a pink or neutral shade for your lips. If you’re rocking jeans and a basic top, you can be more liberal with your lipstick choice, and choose a berry, red, or even orange hue to draw attention to. When choosing the right shade of lipstick, keep lipstick finishes in mind, as they will add or detract from the statement you’ve created! While it may not work in the same way as a matching lipstick, there are a few ways to choose the right eye shadow shade to pull an outfit together. Wearing a bold outfit full of color? This is your chance to opt for a gold, soft pink, or beige eye shadow. But eye shadow isn’t the same as lipstick, and you can actually sport a bright color on your eyes if the rest of your outfit is also bright – just make sure it’s a complementary color (and is done with taste!). 7

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