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Glamsquad Magazine December 2022

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Lupita Nyong’o: The Black African Princess of Hollywood

FASHION 4 Dresses Over

FASHION 4 Dresses Over Pants If there’s a running theme in fashion trends these days, it’s that anything goes. The discussion around sartorial self-expression feels bigger than ever, and with it comes more eclectic mainstream trends – some with unexpected layering combinations, such as dresses over pants. Not to be knocked until you’ve tried it, the sheer variety of dresses and pants to choose from on the market make this pairing one that looks completely different every time, whether it’s styling a netted dress over a bralette and jeans, or pairing a long tunic dress with trousers. 5 Jorts unexpectedly became a defining trend of Summer 2022 (we’re talking ultra-long, especially baggy jorts), with fashion girls dressing up the grandpa-esque style with tube tops and heels. Before you write it off as one of the many fleeting microtrends of Goodbye Jorts, Hello Lorts the moment, it’s worth pondering its potential to progress into something a bit more versatile, such as slimmer long shorts in various fabrics, colors and prints that you can grab whether the dress code is sneakers or business casual. 12

Lighten Up When fashion is amid a dramatic pendulum swing as it has been since the onset of the pandemic, it’s not uncommon to see two trends existing at once that feel like the antithesis of one another. If you’re looking to get away from leather and bold hardware as Y2K takes on a grungier persona, try reaching instead for a combination of lighter hues and airy fabrics with garments such as lightweight, sheer button downs, and flowy maxi dress with ultrafeminine, springy details. FASHION 6 See Through Dresses 7 Sheer dresses have taken on a new purpose in fashion, elevating beyond its role as the designated beach cover up to now, a style you’ll find on the radar of any fashion girl, particularly in relation to their going-out wardrobes. The progression of the trend into 2023 can likely be expected to bring on more creativity and risk-taking when styling the look (think taking the bikini-style layering beyond the beach, or adding a vest on top), as well as designers refreshing the classic sheer dress with add-ons such as deconstructed elements, statement silhouettes and embellishments. 13

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