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Glamsquad Magazine December 2022

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Lupita Nyong’o: The Black African Princess of Hollywood

FASHION Fashion Styling

FASHION Fashion Styling 101 The Basics of Putting A Look Together Praise David & Sierra Mayhew It might be surprising to hear this from a fashion designer, but I’m a morning person. It is usual for fashion designers to work late into the night, but no matter what hour I get to bed, I’m always up early doing one thing or the other. After my daily activities, I get to experience my favourite part of the day—playing dress-up. I used to be a person who incessantly planned their outfits. Every day of the week had an outfit right along with the calendar notifications. Now, I love the flow of getting ready and letting my outfit for each day reflect my mood, so I happily style looks in the moment before I head out the door. The joyous experience of handselecting each accessory from my collection is priceless. Below, you’ll find the four-step process that has never failed me. Step 1: Choose the “Hero” Piece Every single outfit I wear starts with one item that I like to call “the hero piece.” It’s what inspires my creative process. When it’s cold, that often tends to be a jacket, unsurprisingly. I like to make a good first impression, and outerwear is the first thing people notice about me, so I always make sure my outfits flow right along with it. In warmer months, though, I like to think about what activity I’ll be doing and dress for that. If I’ll be seated at dinner, I’ll think about what tops would best flatter my facial features with color palettes strongly kept in mind. When out and about, it’s all about the main piece, so a dress often comes into play. 4

FASHION Step 2: Play into the Colours & Textures Once I’ve chosen the hero piece, my favorite part happens to be this next step. I love finding items in my closet that help accentuate the little details on the hero piece. I often like to narrow in on the colour palette, especially when I’m wearing a print, so the accessories can draw attention to the less pronounced colours. For this look, I noticed that the print on my dress had touches of red, yellow, and blue, so I decided to make a bold move and skip out on my neutral accessory collection by styling it up with red shoes and a light-blue bag. This is a great way to make a look feel cohesive. 5

Movies Music Fashion Entertainment Fun Glamsquadmagazinecom Glamsquad Savage Feature Denim Anok Reportage Lizzo African Zanzibar Trends Lupita

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