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Glamsquad Magazine October 2022

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BEAUTY Why is Beauty

BEAUTY Why is Beauty Care Important? Looking your best requires a holistic, inside-out approach. Beauty care matters because: Healthy Skin is 1Important for Good Health The skin is our largest organ and a barrier against the environment. It shields us from UV light, keeps us hydrated and protects us from microorganisms. Protecting the outer layer of the skin is essential because breaks, cuts, sores, rashes and irritations, allow bacteria and other harmful substances to get into the body and make us sick. Take good care of your skin, and it will take good care of you. Looking Good 2Improves Confidence and Self-Esteem How you look affects how you feel about your body, we’re our strongest critics. For women, in particular, beauty and self-esteem are closely linked. The most important thing an esthetician does is to give clients pride in their appearance by minimizing flaws, whether it’s a shallow complexion or unwanted facial hair. Even the smallest improvements boost confidence and mood. 3 3. Skin Care Makes You More Comfortable Skin takes a beating. If you’ve ever tried sleeping with a sunburn, you know that exposure to sun, wind, rain, cold, and pollution can leave you feeling itchy, dry and sore. Beauty care soothes the symptoms of dryness and irritation, nourishing your skin, so it’s less vulnerable to damage, 50

4Beauty Care is Self-Care We spend most of our time working and taking care of others. But self-care isn’t a dirty word, and the few minutes we spend daily pampering our skin can be rejuvenating. If you can’t take a vacation, treating yourself to a facial is a relaxing break. Estheticians give clients permission to invest in themselves through a range of beauty care services that have both restorative and practical value. BEAUTY sun and pollution exposure can change. Minimizing negative effects once they’ve occurred is challenging. The key to beauty is to start caring for skin early so it’s in the best possible condition as the years pass. Like health problems, skin disorders are easier to treat if they’re addressed early. Making Beauty Care Successful Clients want to look good for more than special occasions; they want it to last a lifetime. Here’s how an esthetician can make it happen. Emphasize Early Beauty Care Skin evolves, and it takes consistent care to keep it healthy. As we age, skin becomes thinner and cell renewal slows. Complexion and texture morph over time as sun damage takes its toll, and the epidermis loses elasticity. Collagen and elastin production wane as we get older, causing sagging and wrinkles, and lifestyle factors from sleep, smoking and nutrition to Encourage Maintenance Services Everyone deserves an occasional spa day, but the benefits of a single facial don’t last forever. As beauty professionals, estheticians should educate their clients about their skin and the importance of ongoing care, creating individualized treatment plans that meet both short- and long-term goals. Estheticians can encourage clients to schedule regular appointments by pointing out the many benefits of routine care, including looking their best every day. And many services, such as hair removal, are less irritating and costly when performed regularly. 51

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