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Glamsquad Magazine October 2022

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REPORTAGE want to become

REPORTAGE want to become through hard work and dedication – without societal validation. This edition couldn’t have come at a better time other than this. Our cover girl has just announced that she has officially graduated from the University of Oxford. Recall that DJ Cuppy earlier announced the submission of her master thesis at the prestigious university on her Twitter page. In a tweet via her Twitter handle, she stated that though she didn’t get merit or distinction in her thesis, she was excited that she passed. DJ Cuppy noted that she faced a tough year at Oxford and was proud that she had finally graduated. She also appreciated God in her tweet. The tweet reads, “I got my THESIS result, which classifies my MSc degree. I didn’t get a Merit or a Distinction, but I PASSED! “After a tough year, I can officially say I am now a GRADUATE from @UniofOxford, and I am bloody PROUD of myself. To GOD be the GLORY!” When Cuppy submitted her thesis in July, the DJ recounted how she almost dropped out of Oxford twice. But, love her or not, one thing you cannot deny is that DJ Cuppy is such a sweet soul and downto-earth. Besides her father being the billionaire Femi Otedola, she has two beautiful sisters – Tolani and Temi, and a brother - Fewa. She owns and loves her dogs – Dun Dun and Fun Fun, she is a Manchester United supporter, and she is beautiful. So what else do you know about Cuppy? Well, find out here! On her love for Nigeria, and Lagos…. In the interview, she spoke about how people think she will be living a good life abroad without coming to Nigeria adding that she was born in Lagos and she can never forget her roots before finally stating that Lagos is her home. In her submission, she said; “My own way of thinking be say pesin get one life to live so you get to live am, so many pipo dey tink say becos my papa get money or becos say I grow for abroad, I don forget my roots, but Lagos na wia dem born me…Lagos na my home” Who would have thought that someone who has spent so much time abroad and has the opportunity to leave this country and never come back, would profess so much love for Nigeria? Her Philanthropy and Charitable works… DJ Cuppy is a philanthropist and everyone who knows her or follows her on social media can attest to how she has become a beacon of hope to the less privileged through her charitable nature. Her recent charitable work involved sponsoring the needs of an 18-year-old girl who is about to go to school. Making the post, she wrote; “God wanted me to meet Tobi so I could change her life! She was catering during my Pepsi photoshoot. Only 18, her resilience after such a life tragedy inspired me! Best believe Tobi IS going to school and the #CuppyFoundation will provide EVERY resource she needs!” After the post went viral, many people sent her messages to appreciate her for what she is doing and reacting to these messages, she wrote; “Got so many messages of praise and appreciation over my recent charitable 8


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